• Locally Sourced

    Our breads are made with organic flours milled and grown in the Carolinas.

  • Naturally Leavened

    Our breads are leavened the old-fashioned way by wild yeast.

  • Slowly Fermented

    Our breads are slowly fermented for increased flavor and enhanced nutrition.

  • Traditionally Crafted

    Our breads are crafted with fewer, better ingredients so the flavor of the grain can really shine.

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Fort Mill’s Sourdough Bakery

Chez du Barry is an artisan bakery producing naturally leavened, sourdough breads in Fort Mill, SC. Our European-inspired breads are crafted with locally milled organic flour and slowly fermented for incredible flavor.

You can find us at the Fort Mill Farmers Market most Saturdays from 9am -12pm. Check out what’s on offer this week.

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Meet the Baker


Hi, I’m Marcella and I LOVE bread. Seriously - I love eating bread, baking bread, talking about bread, learning about bread, and most of all sharing bread! Chez du Barry was born out of a simple desire to eat good bread and share that simple pleasure with others.

Meet Marcella