Our Process

At Chez du Barry, we believe bread can be both delicious and nutritious. By combining traditional techniques and high quality, locally-sourced ingredients, we're able to produce bread with complex flavor and enhanced nutritional value. 

  • Locally Sourced

    Our breads are made with organic flours milled and grown in North and South Carolina. When you eat our bread, you’re helping support the growth of a local grain economy that encourages sustainable, regenerative farming practices and keeps money in our local communities. 

  • Naturally Leavened

    Sourdough, Levain, Pasta Madre, whatever you call it, we’re here for it! Our bread is leavened the old-fashioned way by wild yeast. Why? Well, naturally leavened bread tastes amazing, but it’s also easier to digest, and it stays fresh for days without any of the questionable additives commonly found in commercially produced bread. 

  • Slowly Fermented

    Everything good takes time and bread is no exception! Our breads are fermented anywhere from 8 to 48 hours so they can develop a deliciously complex flavor and an enhanced nutritional profile. 

  • Traditionally Crafted

    Our breads are inspired by the centuries-old artisan bread baking traditions of Europe and the Old World. We focus on crafting our bread with fewer, better ingredients so that the flavor of the grain can really shine.

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Supporting Local Millers & Growers

Our Grain Partners

Sustainability and Community. These are two of the driving forces behind Chez du Barry. We source our grains from local mills based in the Carolinas who support regenerative and organic farming practices. Sourcing close to home allows us to minimize our environmental impact and support the growth of a local grain economy in the Carolinas.